All you need to know about ordering Riverford for the Office
Can I stop or change my order? Are there any contracts?

There is no contract, and you can pause or cancel anytime – all we ask is that you give us 3 working days’ notice.

What kinds of fruit can I expect in my delivery? Can I tell you what I’d like?

The contents of the box are set, and change weekly depending on what’s seasonal and at its best. From old favourites like creamy bananas and crisp, sweet apples, to seasonal treats such as traditional black figs and tangy cape gooseberries, you’ll always have something fresh to look forward to!

How do I work out how much fruit to order?

First you need to decide how much fruit you would like per person. We normally recommend around two or three pieces per person per week, but it’s entirely up to you. Each fruit box contains 35-70 pieces – we can help you work out how many boxes you’ll need.

How do I work out how to split up my order to ensure all staff are covered?

Each fruit box contains 4 smaller cardboard fruit ‘bowls’ which can be easily distributed to each area of your office. Consider the distribution of your staff (for example, if your office is spread over various floors and departments) and how many boxes you will need to supply each kitchen area.

Do I have to have a weekly delivery?

Yes. You can choose one or multiple deliveries per week.

What day(s) will my fruit be delivered?

We deliver Monday-Friday, on the day you choose, weekly or multiple times per week. Delivery is always free.

What happens when my delivery falls on a Public Holiday?

If your delivery falls on a Public Holiday, we generally deliver your fruit on the following business day. You’ll receive a notice from our customer service team advising you prior to the holiday.

Which areas do you currently deliver to?

We deliver nationally, including London, Birmingham, Manchester, Glasgow, Newcastle, Sheffield, Liverpool, Leeds, Bristol and Brighton.

How do I place an order?

Fill in the online enquiry form, web chat with us, or call us on 01803 227700 (Mon-Fri 9am-6pm).

When and how will I receive my invoice?

We’ll invoice you monthly, and can consolidate invoices if required. Our payment terms are 30 days from invoice date.

How do you guarantee quality control?

Our Food Quality Management System and Food Safety Programs give us confidence that the produce we deliver has been through rigorous quality control procedures, consistent with the high standards associated with HACCP regulations. Our Food Quality Management System specifies process control requirements to manage all potential hazards at each step of the food handling process, within international standards.

The office fruit box complies with:

– The principles of HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point)

– Soil Association organic standards

What if the fruit is damaged?

We offer a 100% money back guarantee on all our produce. If you aren’t happy with your fruit for any reason, please give us a call on 01803 227700 or email help@riverford.co.uk.

What are your sustainability practices?

We are committed to making the most sustainable decisions possible throughout our business. Our packaging is made from recycled and recyclable materials. All our veg is grown organically, reducing pollution and protecting the soil, water sources and wildlife on our farms. We buy as much fruit as possible from British growers, and never use air freight.

What is organic food?

Organic food is the product of organic farming: a natural and environmentally friendly way of managing the land. To be labelled as organic, our farms must meet strict rules set out in European law, and be inspected and certified by the Soil Association.

Our organic certification tells you that we:

– Never use artificial herbicides or fertilisers

– Reduce or avoid the use of pesticides

– Encourage wildlife and protect natural resources on our land. In fact, there is 50% more wildlife on organic farms.

– Keep exceptional standards of animal welfare

– Never routinely use drugs or antibiotics on our livestock

– Feed our animals natural, non-GM feeds

All this results in food that is better for the environment, and for you.

Is everything you sell organic?

Yes – Riverford is 100% organic. Always has been, always will be.

Where does your fruit come from?

Our fruit is grown by small-scale organic growers in the UK and overseas. As farmers ourselves, treating our suppliers fairly is very important to us: we work with them over the long term, agreeing fair prices well in advance and always sticking to those prices. Forming direct, long-term relationships with growers means all our fruit is completely traceable, even exotic fruit such as bananas.

Why buy from Riverford?

No one knows more about organic produce than Riverford. We’ve been growing it in Devon for 30 years, and deliver our iconic organic boxes to over 55,000 households every week. Here’s a few reasons to choose us:

– Everything we sell is 100% organic

– We choose the varieties we grow for flavour, not cosmetic perfection or handling properties

– We can tell you exactly where it comes from and you can come and see some of it growing

– We give a consistently fair deal to growers and work with them over the long term

– We have looked after the environment since day one – by the way we grow, by minimising waste, by minimising and recycling packaging, and by paying close attention to every aspect of our carbon footprint

– Delivery is free